AndroXplorer User Guide

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About AndroXplorer

AndroXplorer AndroXplorer is an intuitive file manager for Android mobile devices. It lets you browse the contents of your Android mobile device with ease. AndroXplorer's root folder or home view displays the available folders for you to navigate. Tap on any folder to browse its content. Tap on any file to run or view it. Long press to display context menu. AndroXplorer also makes use of Android's proprietary widget such as sliding drawers for folder navigation, sorting and toolbar.

AndroXplorer Pro is the full-features commercial version of AndroXplorer.
Powering this new version are state-of-the-art comprehensive features that deliver seamless integration of extremely secure encryption technology into sophisticated archiving options. It supports a wide variety of archive formats unrivaled by any other software.

AndroXplorer Pro facilitates creating, editing and managing your passwords through its support for portable password database file. The portable password database file is encrypted with AES256 for maximum protection. Once opened with the appropriate password, user can manage its password entries as files and folder.

AndroXplorer Pro now available in the Android Market.

Understanding File Access in Android

Android file system is based on Linux file system. Only root user get system access. You will find yourself mostly limited to the storage card when it comes to accessing files or folders in Android mobile device.

AndroXplorer Basics

The user interface of AndroXplorer is based on a folder view and three sliding drawers. The top left sliding drawer contains parent folders of the current viewing folder. The top right sliding drawer displays file sorting options. The bottom sliding drawer is for toolbar buttons. You can long press on the folder view for context menu. Context menu and toolbar buttons change and rearrange themselves in response to the selection you make on folder view.

Quick Reference

To select an item, you can long press on the item and use the command within the dynamic context menu to perform an action. Alternatively you can use the toolbar in the bottom panel. New and m-Select buttons have extra options when long pressed.


How to navigate?

View to view navigation can be performed by swiping your finger to the left or right of the screen. You can also use the view shuffle command in the main menu. If you shift right, and when you reach the end of the available views you will be back to the first. Likewise, if you shift left, after the first view you will be transferred to the last view. It is rotational.

How to use toolbar?

Toolbar is located at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the sliding drawer arrow to open the panel. The buttons within the toolbar panel are displayed based on the selection that you made in the folder view. The New and m-Select buttons will display additional options on long pressed. Tap once on the m-select to start multi-select mode. Tap it again to cancel. Delete, copy and cut buttons will only appear once selections have been made.

How to use context menu?

Long press on the folder view to display context menu. If you tap on an item in the folder view, and if you happen to have selected one item, the item selected will be cleared and change to the item under your tap. If you have selected more than one item prior to starting context menu, the menu will just pop up. The commands in the context menu will be displayed accordingly in response to the selection you made on the folder view.

How to select multiple files?

To select multiple files, tap on m-Select in the toolbar to start multi-selection mode. Once in multi-selection mode, you can tap on any item to select and tap on it to unselect. You can also switch the multi-selection mode on through the options menu.

How to unselect fast?

Tap on empty area of the folder view to unselect all. The left and right rim of the folder view are also considered empty space, you can tap on the spaces to unselect all.

How to copy, move and paste files?

Use copy, or cut buttons in the toolbar to select the files to copy or move to any directory that allows you to paste. For single file or folder, you can long press on the item to select and copy or cut, and then long tap on the destination folder to paste.

How to share file?

You can select an item, and share it using Bluetooth, Email, Facebook or any third party application that supports sharing function.

How to create an archive?

This feature available only in AndroXplorer Pro.

AndroXplorer Pro supports a wide variety of archive formats. For compression and extraction, AndroXplorer Pro supports Zip, 7Z, GZIP, TAR, BZIP2, XZ, WIM. For extraction only, AndroXplorer supports LZH*, ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DEB, DMG, FAT, HFS, ISO, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, VHD, WIM, XAR, Z.

Options available for Zip encoding are Deflate, Deflate64, LZMA, PPMd and BZip2, while the variety of encoding choices for 7z are LZMA, LZMA2, PPMd and BZip2. AES256 encryption is supported for Zip and 7z.

AndroXplorer Pro also supports Unicode in Zip archive.


* LZH support is limited to ANSI names only, Japanese names are not supported.

How to use Password Database File?

This feature available only in AndroXplorer Pro.

What is My Programs folder?

My programs folder is a special folder containing applications that you have installed in your Android mobile device. In this folder, you can uninstall, backup, or execute selected applications. To backup applications, you start by selecting the applications to backup, then tap on the "Backup" button or Backup command from the context menu, navigate to the destination folder, press "Paste" or select "Paste" command from the context menu.

What is Network folder?

Network folder enables you to create SMB (Windows share) server. Use the "New" button from toolbar to create a new server, and then tap on it (with WiFi connected) to browse to the share folder.

What is Shortcuts folder?

Shortcuts folder is the folder that list all the shortcuts that you add from other folders. To add shortcut, select an item, file or folder, and then tap on shortcut button.

What is Search folder?

Search folder provides user with simple syntax query through the device. Search function and search folder support regular expression and sub-directory recursive search. When you tap on search button, you will be prompted with a dialog to input search pattern and other options. If you can't find what you are looking for, you might want check or uncheck the case sensitive button.

What is RegEx?

It is best to explain RegEx by referring to Wikipedia article here:RegEx